Timeline Statistics for Assessments

YESAB maintains a collection of assessment statistics to help proponents understand the average time it may take to complete an assessment.  The statistics published here are estimates that use 90% of the projects assessed by YESAB for a specific timeframe. This gives proponents and participants a realistic estimate that they can use to plan and prepare their project proposals.


Reduce the Amount of Time an Assessment Takes

It has been our experience that the majority of projects move through the assessment process faster if proponents:

  • Talk to a YESAB assessor to fully understand what is required within your project proposal.
  • Ensure your project proposal is complete and contains the information and level of detail required for assessment.
  • Respond to any information requests quickly and completely.
  • Submit your project proposal directly online through the YESAB Online Registry.
  • Inform the local community and First Nations about your proposed project activities.
  • Monitor your project online during the assessment process.


Recent Project Statistics

Designated Office Evaluations Completed: Summary Report 2013-2017

Projects Submitted for Assessment within First Nation Traditional Territories (2005-2017)

All Designated Office Projects Assessed in 2016

Time includes proponent time and assessor time (updated January 2017)

→ Average assessment length in total : 79 days 

Average assessment post adequacy stage:  44 days  

→ Average adequacy stage:  32 days


Quartz Projects in 2016

Time includes proponent time and assessor time 

→ Average assessment length total: 113 days 

Average assessment post adequacy stage:  60 days  

→ Average adequacy stage:  51 days


 Placer Projects

 Time includes proponent time and assessor time

→ Average assessment length total : 75 days

→ Average assessment post adequacy stage:  42 days

→ Average adequacy stage:  31 days


Executive Committee Screenings (2006-2016)

Proposal submission to recommendation sent. Includes proponent time and assessor time.

Project Total Days   Days in Adequacy   Assessor Time   Proponent Time
Carmacks Copper         Mine                             (Copper North) 872 days 351 days 53% 47%
Transmission Line        (Yukon Electrical) 397 days 112 days 84% 15%
Mayo B Hydro Project  (Yukon Electrical) 436 days 158 days 53% 47%
Eagle Gold Mine       (Victoria Gold Corporation) 792 days 210 days 56% 44%
Mactung Mine –          Referral                         (North American Tungsten) 2002 days 289 days 45% 53%
Diesel – Natural Gas Conversion Project    (Yukon Electrical) 308 days 70 days 96% 4%
Stewart-Keno Transmission Line     (Yukon Electrical) 153 days 56 days 100% 0%