A better way forward for Executive Committee screenings

The Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) has developed a new Pre-submission Engagement (PSE) process for Executive Committee screenings. PSE is a proactive, front-end process that occurs before a project proposal is submitted for screening by the Executive Committee (EC). The purpose of pre-submission engagement is to bring interested and affected parties together to review project requirements well in advance of a detailed proposal being submitted for assessment. This helps identify gaps and issues of concern, to define values and baseline information requirements and ensure a timely and certain screening process.

New*PSE Research Report (January 2020)

Update – Second Phase of Engagement

Earlier this year, YESAB discussed practical aspects of implementing the new process. Input was received from a broad cross-section of participants in the assessment process. Results are available in the report:

The amount of input received indicates considerable interest in PSE with a range of views, questions and concerns. As a result, YESAB will be engaging further with key participants to gain a better understanding of issues and work through potential implementation challenges. Information to support these discussions are linked above

Background Documents – January 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why has the PSE process been developed? The process has been developed in response to requests for better project-specific guidance on project proposals and to meet expectations for earlier involvement of potentially affected First Nations, communities and the public in the assessment of complex or large-scale projects subject to a screening by the Executive Committee.
  2. Will PSE apply to all projects? Yes. Pre-submission engagement will be required in all sectors and for all projects that require an Executive Committee (EC) screening.  However, the process will be tailored to meet individual project circumstances. This will enable process certainty and predictability while allowing the flexibility to accommodate specific project requirements.  The PSE process will not apply to Designated Office Evaluations.
  3. How will the PSE Process be administered? The Executive Committee, consistent with any established service delivery standards, will administer the PSE process (e.g. timelines, roles and responsibilities) on a project-specific basis. The EC will establish and document key elements of the process informed by the input of participants and operational requirements.
  4. Will the process be time bound?  Yes. Timelines will be established under the PSE process but on a project-by-project basis. YESAB is exploring timelines or service delivery standards to guide actions to be taken by the Executive Committee during PSE.
  5. Will the new process make the screening process longer? No. PSE is intended to parallel and inform project design and planning. It is not an added step. PSE will ensure more focused project proposals that meet the information requirements of the Executive Committee for a project proposal. This will supplant the need for an adequacy review stage and shorten the time to complete a screening of a project proposal.
  6. Will the PSE process as it applies to individual projects be accessible to the public? Yes. The PSE process will be publicly accessible via YESAB’s Online Registry (YOR). There will also be opportunities to provide focused input on the project description and information required for the screening. The public will continue to have opportunities to comment on a project proposal during the screening process.
  7. When will the new process come into effect? YESAB will take the time necessary to build a common understanding and shared vision of PSE that will inform the development of rules to support the process. We expect to have new rules in place by spring 2020. The process will apply only to projects submitted after the revised Executive Committee Rules come into effect.
  8. Will the Executive Committee Rules be changed? Yes. The PSE process will impact the current screening process as set out in the Rules for Screenings Conducted by the Executive Committee. The Rules will be revised to support the implementation of the PSE process.

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